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Saint Mary Mother of God

Queen of Saints


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  • Saints Name

    • The Saint for this weeks study is Saint Mary, Mother of God, and Queen of Saints

  • Main Bio – Life

    • Mary is unique because she was conceived without the burden of original sin.

    • Chosen by God before her conception to be the “New Eve”

    • Parents conceived Mary at Golden Gates of Jerusalem. (later Podcast)

    • That is where the term Immaculate Conception comes from. (Not Jesus' Conception)

    • Mary was born in Jerusalem but grew up in Nazareth.

    • Mary was presented at the temple and took a vow of chastity (unknown age)

    • Visited by the Arch Angel Gabriel at about age 14. God asks her to be the mother of His Son. Her acceptance begins to unravel the knot of sin that Eve caused.

    • Mary was betrothed to Joseph.

    • Joseph discovers she is with child. A dream tells him to go forth with his marriage to Mary.

    • Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth – The mother of John the Baptist –

    • Elizabeth’s unborn son leaps in the womb upon their being in the presence of Mary’s unborn son – Jesus

    • Mary gives birth on the way back to Bethlehem where Joseph’s bloodline was to take part in the required census by Emperor Augustus.

    • After Jesus’ birth Mary and Joseph are warned to leave Bethlehem because King Herod is trying to kill the savior.

    •  Mary and Joseph go to Egypt until King Herod dies - Then returning to Nazareth.

    • Little else is known of Mary’s life to this point except when Jesus was 12 yrs old, Mary & Joseph visited the temple of Jerusalem. That was where they lost track of Jesus for a few days until discovering him in the temple speaking to the elders.

    • Mary asked Jesus to do something at the Cana wedding. This was Jesus’ first known miracle when he changed the water into wine as the wine had run out during the wedding feast. (Very embarrassing to host – these festivals lasted several days)

    • Mary was present with Jesus during the last tribulations of his life

      • The Crucifixion

      • The Coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost - With the disciples)

      • It is thought that Mary was with Jesus during His Resurrection and Ascension but no scriptural references are known.

    • Mary’s life is unknown after this but according to Sacred Tradition Mary lived out her remaining days in Jerusalem.

      • Mary’s tomb is in Gethsemane where she was assumed into Heaven body and soul.  

      • Mary is Crowned Queen of Heaven – First among Saints

  • Catholics observe feast days for Mary – Great mysteries of her life and her part in the endeavor of redemption:

      • January 1 – MARY MOTHER OF GOD (Solemnity of Mary)

        • Celebrates Her divine motherhood – December 25 & January 1

      • February 11 – OUR LADY OF LOURDES

        • In 1858 Our Lady appeared to a poor 14 year old girl – Bernadette Soubiroux – 18 different times – Our Lady asked that a chapel be built upon this spot. Once built many pilgrimages ensued from people all over the world. Many pilgrims are cured of their ills after visiting Lourdes.


        • Archangel Gabriel visits Mary to ask her to be the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      • May 31 – THE VISITATION

        • Elizabeth’s baby leaps in her womb when in presence of unborn Jesus

      • August 15 – THE ASSUMPTION OF MARY

        • The body and Soul of Mary are taken into Heaven

        • Actual day of death is unknown

        • She died in Jerusalem – Buried in a tomb near Gethsemane

      • August 22 – Queenship of Mary

        • Mary is declared the Queen of all Saints in Heaven

      • September 8 – BIRTH OF MARY

        • Saint Mary was born to St. Anne & St. Joachim (Later Podcast)

        • Grew up in Nazareth

      • November 21 - Presentation of the Virgin Mary

        • Mary is presented in the temple

      • December 8 – IMMACULATE CONCEPTION

        • Conceived without original sin – “The New Eve”

        • Marks her preparation for motherhood – Mary has the fullness of Grace from the moment of conception.

  • Patronage

    • Saint Mary Mother of God is the patron saint for:

      • Motherhood – Her most important Patronage

      • Our Lady of Fatima – Portugal and Conversion of Russia

      • Our Lady of Guadalupe – The Americas, Mexico

      • Our Lady of Lourdes – Body Ills

      • Our Lady of The Assumption – India, Paraguay, South Africa

      • Our Lady Help of Christians – Australia, New Zealand

      • The Feast of The Immaculate Conception – United States, Brazil

      • Our Lady of Lujan – Argentina

      • Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Chile

      • Our Lady of Coromoto – Venezuela

      • See references for more complete listing

      • The Rosary

        • Given to us By Our Lady through St. Dominic 1214 – to act as a powerful tool to convert sinners and heretics.

        • Rosary is a prayer in which we learn to imitate and honor the mysteries and virtues of the life, death, passion and glory of Jesus and Mary.

        • Said to be the perfect prayer.

        • An entire segment could be dedicated to the Rosary and its benefits.

  • Conclusions – Interesting notes about this Saint:

    • Many people misunderstand the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. (December)

    • Many think it refers to Mary’s conception of Jesus when it refers to her conception

    • Many non Catholics think that Catholics equate Mary to Jesus. Mary is held in highest esteem but is a distant 2nd to Her Son Jesus – He is the perfect mediator between God and man – Being human and God.

    • Many non Catholic Christians have trouble accepting the teachings about Mary because they rely on the Bible exclusively as their source of divine revelation. One must understand the Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church to appreciate the teachings about Mary.

    • Perpetual Virginity – Misunderstood – Mary was not hampered with the effects of original sin – She remained a Virgin all her life – Pure and never having had a physical relationship with a man. (Catholic for a Reason II discusses this in depth)

    • When the Gospel speaks of brothers and sisters of Jesus – they do not mean other children of Mary but any sort of relationship since there was no word for “cousin.”

    • Mary is called “Our Mother” because she is our spiritual mother. It is said that Mary “conceives, gives birth and nurtures the spiritual lives of grace for each person.”


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