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Saint Bartholomew The Apostle


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St. Bartholomew

Saint Study Podcast

Podcast # 108


  • Hello everyone and welcome to Saint Study Episode 108 – “St. Bartholomew”
    • Thank you for joining us – maybe we can all learn enough today that by the end of the program we will say, “I didn’t know that” (But now I do!)
    • What is a saint? A Canonized Saint is someone recognized by the Church as having led a life of great charity & heroic virtue. Their example of how to conquer any sin imaginable is so important that it was worth recognizing these men & women in a significant way. Anyone (canonized or not) whose soul was cleansed in Purgatory and now resides in Heaven is a Saint. It is every Christian’s goal to become a saint.
  • We always begin our learning by inviting the Holy Spirit to be with us…
    • In the Name Of The Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen.
    • Dear Heavenly Father we ask you to be with us as we hear about the lives of your Saints. We ask that our minds be open and that you may fill us with the knowledge that was so loved by the men and women who lived lives of heroic virtue and great charity. Allow us to understand and emulate these Saints who we now know are in your company. In your name we pray, Amen.
  • Let’s look at The Saint for this week St. Bartholomew
    • Saints Birth, Life-Bio, Death, Feast Day,
      • Born in Galilee
      • Known sometimes as Nathaniel (Gospel of John)
      • One of the Twelve Apostles
      • Probably a close friend of Saint Philip
      • Bartholomew’s name (sometimes Nathaniel) is always mentioned in the Gospels in connection with Philip
      • It was Philip who brought Bartholomew to Jesus
      • May have written a gospel, now lost; it is mentioned in other writings of the time.
      • May have preached in Asia Minor, Ethiopia, India and Armenia; some one did, leaving behind assorted writings, and local tradition says it was Bartholomew.
      • Converted Polymius, King of Armenia to Christianity which infuriated King Astyages of Babylon who tradition says ordered St. Bartholomew’s execution.
      • Martyr. flayed alive at Albanopolis, Armenia
      • Relics at Saint Bartholomew-on-the-Tiber Church, Rome, and in the cathedral in Canterbury, England
      • Feast Day
        • 24 August (Roman calendar)
        • 11 June (Orthodox calendar)
  • Patronage
    •  is the patron saint
      • against nervous diseases
      • against neurological diseases
      • against twitching
      • Armenia
      • Bookbinders
      • Butchers
      • Cobblers
      • Florentine cheese merchants
      • Shoemakers
      • Tanners
      • trappers
      • whiteners
  • Representation
    • Cross
    • elderly man holding a tanner’s knife and a human skin
    • tanner’s knife
    • bright red (skinless) man holding his own skin


  • Conclusions – Interesting notes about their life or sainthood
    • Another early martyr for Christianity
    • The apostles were effecting key people in the kingdoms they visited and preached in
      • I.E. Polymius, King of Armenia.
    • St. Bartholomew inspired this King and all of his followers to accept Christianity and be baptized into the new faith.
  • Homework
    • I would like you to ask your priest or other clergy you may be acquainted with who his or her favorite saints are and why.
  • Preview of next episode – Episode #109 – St. James the Greater The Apostle
  • References
    • NOTE: Remember that I am a layman and part of my goal is to show everyone that a vast amount of reputable information about the Catholic faith is readily available.
    • The Internet and book stores have vastly increased the information the previously was inaccessible.
    • – Best reference site
    •  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops
    • Catechism of the Catholic Church
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 May The Peace of our Lord

Be always with you…Have a good day!


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